Month: September 2013

Stopping the stimulus, part one

The global economy is like an electrified cobweb The global economy is like an electrified cobweb; all the strands of silk are dependent on one another. It is, if anything, the epitome of codependency. Since the Great Crash of 2008, we all have a better understanding of the relationship between the world’s economies. That is… Read more »

When to be cautiously optimistic, and when not to

To embrace risk, you must embrace an almost-sickening amount of optimism In the ongoing saga of the global economy, FedEx – the world’s second largest package-delivery company – has made some policy changes, suggesting that the economy and in particular, the U.S. economy, isn’t on the road to complete recovery. Although profits for FedEx this… Read more »

Should the global financial system be tweaked?

It is tough for any country to overcome its own financial crises Do you have any issues with the global financial system? Do you think it needs some rewiring, some changes top to bottom? Can entrepreneurs and forward-thinkers really thrive in such a system? Given the system’s recent tumultuousness, the answer may be yes. If… Read more »

Positivity fuels economic growth

Pessimism clouds our economic eyes Economic growth is the primary concern of most, if not all, towns, cities and nations. Economic growth leads to jobs, lots of them, not to mention opportunities for stability and profit. However, given the recession and military conflicts, it’s difficult for us to see the economic growth that is happening… Read more »

Doing international business in uncertain times (part one)

U.S. military intervention in Syria will affect markets worldwide   In the last couple of posts, we have focused on the DOs and DON’Ts of international business, discussing ways to make it more profitable and easier on you. However, no matter how prepared a company may be, there are always external factors to consider. International… Read more »