Month: January 2014

U.S.-Canada Economy: Cross-border Delivery Services

Cross-border delivery services are an important part of the American and Canadian economies. The relationship between the two nations is familial in nature. Canadians and Americans have a long history of being mistaken for each other while abroad, heckling each other over the Stanley Cup, and waving at each other from opposite sides of Niagara… Read more »

Improving Traffic Along the U.S. Canada Border

The official nominee to head the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol Agency looks like he’ll likely be awarded confirmation, and that should be great news to business along any American border. Although discussions regarding U.S. borders over the past decade have tended to focus on security, officials are starting to recognize that some openness is… Read more »

The Importance of a Strong Regional Economy

A regional economy in today’s world requires an infusion of jobs from many firms. The major manufacturing mills that built Rust Belt cities like Buffalo have left, but there is plenty of hope for a return to profitable days in Western New York. Every day, newspapers have been printing optimistic reports of jobs from other… Read more »

NAFTA Turns Twenty

The strong arm of bureaucracy is a powerful force in the world of international shipping. To protect domestic businesses, a country will often try to control the trade entering and leaving from across the border. In our globalized world, however, trade agreements have enabled prosperity in countries who have decided to reach beyond borders and… Read more »