Month: July 2014

Groundwater on the US and Canada Borders

Sometimes it is hard to believe how much Canada and the US share, but being on the border with each other means some supplies and even underground water sources are shared between them. But only in the last decade has this actually been reviewed and observed by geologist trying to access how much groundwater Canada… Read more »

Initiative to Inspire Economic Growth in New York

It took some time but the empire state board of directors recently approved an initiative for nearly 200 Billion dollars for the creation of three projects that are meant to bring in thousands of jobs and produce even more economic growth for New York at large. The funding for the initiative includes one building that… Read more »

Increased Border Tolls

Should the Canadian government raise tolls on drivers heading into the United States in order to reduce crossing traffic and raise funds for useful government programs? That question has been causing a political stir north of the border as the Canadian government debates the recommendation. The public row has been established thanks to calls from… Read more »

Paying Duty Fees

When crossing the border into either the United States or Canada, it may seem tempting to avoid duties and taxes by not declaring goods properly. People have also misrepresented themselves at a border crossing for various reasons. Here at Speed Global Services, we want to make sure that our blog readers know that if they… Read more »

Beyond the Border Plans and Travelers

In February three years ago, President Obama and Prime Minister Harper of Canada announced a plan known as the Beyond the Border Action Plan. It was an act meant to help both countries work together to maintain and protect their borders as well as eliminate threats and illegal border crossing and make it easier to… Read more »

Imaginary Borders

If you ask any number of people in the United States about how they feel with border control, you’d find some think the border isn’t enforced, others think it is too enforced, and more who think the border is just an imaginary line that doesn’t matter. But the reality, like so often, is a mix… Read more »

Local Business Increases From Border Interaction

It’s not often these days that you hear anything pleasant about people frequently crossing a border. In fact, the most common stories coming from crossing the Canadian/US border are usually something about the US border patrol detaining people for no reason or humiliating people just because they can. It’s an awful thought, but it happens… Read more »

How is the Legalization of Weed Affecting the Border?

As we’ve discussed in previous blog posts, the border separating the US from Canada is an exciting, almost-frantic place. Given its stature, there’s always something interesting going on. Whether this results in something positive is another issue altogether, but any and all activity at the border is worth keeping an eye on, like the “hazy”… Read more »

Cross-Border Trucking Program

Many legal considerations spring up whenever trying to bring a large amount of freight across an international border. Here on the Speed Global Services blog, we’ve talked before about how increasing border crossing fees can add a great deal to the cost of shipping. We want to keep our readers aware of all goings on… Read more »

Border Crossing Fees Instituted by the U.S. Department of Agriculture

Shipping any product across international borders can easily turn into an expensive situation. Crossing fees that must be paid by commercial trucks are already a hassle, and some recent news reports indicate that the matter may get even worse soon.   This article published by discusses a backlash from an industry group representing Canadian… Read more »