Month: March 2015

Benefits of Globalization and Freight Forwarding from SPEED Global Services

There used to be a time when the majority of businesses operated only in the country they were based. This meant they didn’t have access to billions of potential clients, thus limiting their profits and growth. But this is no longer the case. New technology and other forces have dramatically increased globalization over the past… Read more »

Reasons to Choose Our Trucking Services

At Speed Global Services, we understand that life is full of choices and when it comes to getting your freight across the country, or even to Canada, you have a wide range of transportation options. This isn’t, and shouldn’t be, an easy decision. Remember, this is the business that you own and operate. Decisions involving… Read more »

Advantages of Using a Foreign Trade Zone

In previous blog posts, we’ve addressed the importance of working globally, especially if you own and operate a business close to an international border, like businesses operating in Western New York. More often than not, it’s a grave disservice to NOT work internationally, that is, shipping goods and services to customers and clients in different… Read more »

Why You Should Take Advantage of International Shipping

If you own a small business that only sells to customers within the country, you may be shipping products without any help. However, there are many benefits of expanding your business to include international customers, and using a global shipping service like Speed Global Services allows you to easily get started. Let’s face it –… Read more »