Month: April 2015

Trucking Industry Aims to Make Roads Safer

At SPEED Global Services, we are very passionate about staying safe on the road and making sure that drivers are always following rules and regulations. Thankfully we have reached a point with modern trucks that staying safe on the road has never been easier as long as drivers follow all rules and regulations. Of course,… Read more »

Plenty of Job Opportunities in the Truck Driving Industry

In recent years the economy has been on a rebound, with the national unemployment number falling to its lowest rate in almost a decade. But, there are still millions of Americans who are out of work and looking for jobs, and we’re here with some good news. There is currently a shortage of truck drivers… Read more »

A Resurgent Buffalo Niagara Region and SPEED Global

At SPEED Global Services, we pride ourselves on being part of a resurgent Western New York economy, including the Buffalo Niagara region. We do our part to help local businesses grow and prosper and with the recent Start-Up NY program, many more businesses are popping up all over the region. The Buffalo Niagara region in New… Read more »