Month: October 2015

Changing the Face of the Trucking Industry

In previous blog posts, we’ve discussed issues with the driving shortage in the trucking industry in addition to efforts on the part of many companies to change up the image of truck drivers. Freshen up might be the better word choice, but whatever you choose to call it, one thing remains clear: the trucking industry… Read more »

How New Technology Is Changing the Trucking Industry

The advancement of current technology and completely new inventions regularly change every industry, but trucking is one area that has received a dramatic overhaul over the last decade. There are countless ways in which new technology is shaping the future of the trucking industry, but today we’re going to look at a few of the… Read more »

Giving Truck Drivers a Makeover

Everything has an image. Basically, what goes through your head when the someone says the word. The trucking industry, some believe, is in sore need of an image makeover. This is in large point because the trucking driver is experiencing a shortage of drivers, which we have discussed almost ad nauseam, on this blog. That… Read more »