Month: November 2015

Staying Awake on the Road

There are so many great reasons to become a professional truck driver, but the job can have irregular schedules. One week you may be driving exclusively during the day, while another you may be transporting goods throughout the entire night. The good news is that truck drivers get a healthy dose of paid time off… Read more »

Reasons to Become a Truck Driver

Whether you are at the age where you’re considering your first major career path, or you’re interested in getting out of your current line of work, we’re here with some good news. There are actually quite a few reasons why becoming a professional truck driver can be an incredibly rewarding experience. Regardless of how much… Read more »

America Views the Trucking Industry Favorably

What haven’t we covered in this Blog? When it comes to the trucking industry, we can safely say that we have covered just about everything and, let’s be honest here, it’s been a bit of a hectic couple of months for the industry. There was a strike north of the border that had many in… Read more »