Month: August 2016

Drones Emerge as Valuable Tools in Supply Chain Logistics

In December, 2013 Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos unveiled plans for a new service called Amazon Prime Air that would use drones to deliver packages to customers’ homes within 30 minutes of placing an order. Because drones aren’t bound by postcodes, they have the potential to make delivery services faster and more efficient than ever. Prime… Read more »

Shipping Container Home Comes to Buffalo’s Old First Ward

One of the things we love most about Buffalo is the city’s colorful array of houses. The folks around here aren’t afraid to make their homes stand out in a crowd. With all the eye-catching paint jobs and vibrant gardens to match, you can easily spend an afternoon just cruising around and admiring these unique,… Read more »

Brexit: How Will It Affect International Trade?

On June 24, after months of heated deliberation, Britain voted to leave the European Union in a nationwide referendum. Soon after the results of the referendum were released, British Prime Minister David Cameron announced that he would resign from his post. Global stock markets were rattled as investors reacted swiftly – moving capital out of… Read more »

E-commerce Causes Demand for Warehousing to Soar

During the 19th Century, the Industrial Revolution sparked a series of innovations that made it possible for manufacturers to create more goods than consumers could purchase for the first time in human history. Now, two hundred years later, the Digital Revolution is having a similarly transformative effect on the global consumer market. With more people… Read more »