A Resurgent Buffalo Niagara Region and SPEED Global

At SPEED Global Services, we pride ourselves on being part of a resurgent Western New York economy, including the Buffalo Niagara region. We do our part to help local businesses grow and prosper and with the recent Start-Up NY program, many more businesses are popping up all over the region.

The Buffalo Niagara region in New York is booming due to the recent Start-Up NY program that offers businesses incentives for moving into the tax-free zone. In fact, out of 80 companies that recently moved to the area, almost half of them have relocated to this region. There could be a few reasons for this, but one of them is surely due to the efforts of the University at Buffalo. Several of the state’s colleges are now tax-free zones, with many more on the way, according to this article from The Buffalo News.

This is good news because up until recently, the Start-Up NY program wasn’t quite living up to its goals. For example, when the program first started last year, the companies involved vowed to create more than 2,000 jobs. In addition, they made plans to invest more than $90 million in the state within five years. Unfortunately, the companies only managed to create 76 jobs. In addition, they only invested $1.7 million in the first year.

All of these companies have ties to the participating colleges, with 62 schools involved in the first year of the program. There are many more applications pending, but with 356 tax-free zones currently available, there is plenty of room for new businesses to move into the area. The slow start is attributed to the normal growing pains of a program like this, but state officials are starting to see things turn around. There is renewed interest in the program, with more schools and businesses looking to get involved.

Are you involved in the Start-Up NY program? And do you hope to see more programs that are similar around the country? Let us know!

It’s great that more businesses are flocking to the Buffalo Niagara region, but what good is that if the means of transporting goods is less than stellar? Thankfully, the powers that be are realizing that with more companies and entrepreneurs bursting onto the scene, all facets of commercial infrastructure must be improved and that includes the Peace Bridge.

Anyone who regularly travels between New York and Canada on the east coast is familiar with the Peace Bridge, and a new $80 million reconstruction project aims to make driving on that bridge a smoother experience, according to this article from The Buffalo News.

While the project will offer plenty of benefits in the long run, there are a few downsides. For one, the project is expected to take a few years to complete, so we won’t benefit from the outcome for a while. In addition, it’s likely that this will cause a few more traffic jams in the area, but the end result should be worth the wait.

So, just what does this reconstruction project aim to accomplish? Well, one of the main goals is to replace both the roadway and the underlying steel. This is important because neither has been altered since the bridge was first built in 1927. The project will also see the addition of new railings, and even enhanced lighting that will give the people a better look at the bridge at night.

There are a few important additions planned as well. For example, there is a new observation platform planned that will allow people to look out over the river, and it promises to offer a great view. In addition, the old signage will be replaced by electric signs that will be able to be updated at a moment’s notice in the event of an accident or roadwork.

buffalo-truckingThese are just a few of the many changes that will be coming to the Peace Bridge in the coming years. We look forward to the developments and can’t wait to see what the bridge looks like once the project is completed! If you’re looking for national trucking, international freight forwarding services or any of our supply chain services, contact us SPEED Global Services today!