Best Truck Stops in America

Being a truck driver is more than a profession; it’s a lifestyle. And that lifestyle has fostered a burgeoning commercial enterprise. Which brings us to truck stops. What used to be a counter with barstools that slung questionable burgers and served bottomless coffees has been transformed into full-blown destinations complete with outpatient health services and amusement parks. Here are just a few of our favorite across the US.

Top of the list has to go to Iowa 80 Truckstop in Walcott, IA, the biggest truck stop in the nation. It boasts a chiropractor, dentist, dog grooming service, and movie theater. There are six restaurants as well as a coffeeshop and truckers can get their hobby on in a custom shop that sports inventory ranging from embroidery to business cards.

A close second is Clearwater Travel Plaza in Clearwater, MN. The plaza has become such a fixture that they now offer specials in their food court and restaurants on romantic holidays such as Valentine’s day and New Year’s Eve. The food is of such a quality that their artisanal bakery was featured on the Food Network.

South of the Border in Dillon, SC finishes our short list, but there are so many we just don’t have time to cover. This truck-stop turned road trip destination includes an entire amusement park – Pedroland. They also have a reptile house, 300 room motor inn and campground, a 200-foot sombrero shaped elevator to appreciate the view, six restaurants and a load of specialty shops.

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