Beyond the Border Plans and Travelers

In February three years ago, President Obama and Prime Minister Harper of Canada announced a plan known as the Beyond the Border Action Plan. It was an act meant to help both countries work together to maintain and protect their borders as well as eliminate threats and illegal border crossing and make it easier to travel between the borders legally. The project took a few years for them to assess what needed to be done around the borders and now we are just starting to see some of the action side of the plan.

Now we have some of the first actions delivered which includes a lane specific to NEXUS members, which allows them to expedite their entry into the United States from Canada and vice versa. If you are unsure what the NEXUS program is, it was designed as an alternative to a passport for people wanting to pass between Canada and the US regularly. This means people who have obtained NEXUS will have an easier time passing on Peace Bridge, which is located in Fort Erie, Ontario.

However this is only a trial pilot program to see whether there are any issues with providing this special lane for people going between the US and Canada with NEXUS membership. It’s unlikely they will revoke it, unless there are major issues, and we are likely to even see more Border crossings between the two countries allow this special NEXUS lane.

As for trading companies and delivery companies like Speed Global Services, there has been an option to apply for Canada’s CSA without being based out of Canada. CSA (Customs Self-Assessment) is meant for trusted importers into Canada to have an easier time going through customs and border patrols. This means your items going to Canada, including anyone receiving things in Canada will have an easier time getting there so long as a delivery or trading company obtains this special pass.

This is only the beginning to many new plans to be instated between the US and Canada to assist in traders and deliveries between the borders. We hope to see many more changes to make your shipments get to where they need to faster, and maybe the US will extend to other countries soon with the way this Beyond the Border Action Plan has been going with Canada.