2014 Safety on the Road

2013 is coming to a close, another year under our belts. 2014 is around the corner. Let’s work together to make 2014 one of the safest in recent memory, because every day we hear horrifying tales of car accidents from all over the country. Western New York is no different, with reports of accidents at… Read more »

Making the Road a Safer Place

Truck drivers are essential to businesses and economic growth.  The roads they drive can be dangerous, with the bulk of responsibility for offensive driving on them.  Aggressive measures have been taken by legislators and law enforcement to reduce distracted auto drivers and now they are focusing on commercial drivers as well.  New laws aimed at… Read more »

Transforming Buffalo Abandoned Factories into Indoor Farms

Have you heard of GroOperative? You should, as the group is in the process of transforming Buffalo and the entire region for the better. They are a worker owned farming cooperative that specializes in high-quality, organic produce – including fruit, vegetables, fish, beer, mushrooms, kombutcha and other edibles indoors and year-round – and craft beer…. Read more »

Build It Buffalo and the Effort to Transform the City into America’s Innovation Hub

Imagine a scenario where a city, in an effort to strengthen its manufacturing and improve its business base, courts entrepreneurs and various industry leaders to set up shop in that city. This courting process, however, functions more like an intense competition, similar to the dating reality shows you see on the television – a city… Read more »

eManifest Implementation Update, Courtesy of the Canada Border Services Agency

With the success of eManifest, the imitative that has transformed all areas of commercial cross-border processes including air, marine, highway and rail, the plan heading into fall 2013 was to have eManifest be a requirement for all carriers to ensure proficient processing at Canadian borders, but the Canada Border Services Agency announced on October 212013… Read more »

Buffalo, NY is Thriving

Buffalo, NY is a city on the rise. Although many have expressed this sentiment over the years, we are now actually witnessing some rising action, as evidenced by the past couple of months, which has seen exciting new developments in the Queen City. TEDxBuffalo occurred on October 15. A group of industrious Buffalonians gave talks… Read more »

When to be cautiously optimistic, and when not to

To embrace risk, you must embrace an almost-sickening amount of optimism In the ongoing saga of the global economy, FedEx – the world’s second largest package-delivery company – has made some policy changes, suggesting that the economy and in particular, the U.S. economy, isn’t on the road to complete recovery. Although profits for FedEx this… Read more »