White House Dismisses Need for Tougher Border Security

The attacks in Ottawa had pressed a number of people to seek out tougher border control along the Canadian and American border. But one of those people was not the president, or any of his cabinet. Instead, we see the US government firmly decide that the relations and security at the Canadian border are perfectly… Read more »

Ottawa Shooting and the US Canada Border

If the US and Canadian borders were not already quite strict when you are trying to pass through them, even when a citizen of both of the countries, then they are certainly going to be after the great Ottawa shooting that happened recently. This is further proved by the Federal Bureau of Investigation in the… Read more »

The One Billion Fright Economy across Borders

In the past three years we have seen the Halloween holiday blast into the viral levels in Canada and that actually ended up boosting the economy in Canada. It also ended up beating out the United States in gross funds that are spent on Halloween. Canada has passed the one billion mark when it comes… Read more »

Exports to US Lifting Canadian Economy

We’ve all seen just how much the Canadian economy has been suffering over the past years alongside America. But recently the American economy has been soaring back up to the place it had been before, while Canada has been left behind quite a bit. Luckily thanks to a recent poll conducted on a number of… Read more »

NOTICE: Port of Long Beach and Los Angeles Delays

The Port of Long Beach and Los Angeles are in virtual grid lock at this time. The port terminal congestion, lack of chassis, closed working area, limited Pier Pass hours, and periodic port terminal closures due to congested terminal space are causing demurrage, detention or extra leased chassis expenses. Truck turn times can range from… Read more »

Using Freight Forwarding Instead of a Shipping Company

Why use freight forwarding instead of a shipping company? There are a few viable reasons for using a freight forwarding service, but premiere among them is convenience for the client.   Transporting goods regionally can be tricky due to province and state restrictions, but transporting goods internationally can be a downright nightmare. Companies that offer… Read more »

Strong North American Economies

A growing economy means that there is even more room in the market to sell your goods or services. We’ve had a close vantage point for viewing the ups and downs of American, Canadian and global economies in recent years here at Speed Global Services. Over the past few months, there has been moderate growth… Read more »

Best Truck Stops in America

Being a truck driver is more than a profession; it’s a lifestyle. And that lifestyle has fostered a burgeoning commercial enterprise. Which brings us to truck stops. What used to be a counter with barstools that slung questionable burgers and served bottomless coffees has been transformed into full-blown destinations complete with outpatient health services and… Read more »

Top-down Trucker Consolidation Improves Canadian Economy

Manitoulin Transport has been making some power plays in a second acquisition of another trucking company within the past two months. This acquisition has led to the Transport company being one of the largest in the entirety of North America. Of course, Manitoulin Transport isn’t the only Canadian trucking and transport company that is buying… Read more »