Speed Global Services Purchases Warehouse

Acquisition adds 350,000 square feet to holdings Speed Global Services has announced that they have acquired additional warehouse space that will add to their existing 650,000 square feet of fulfillment and distribution space. Located at 2321 Kenmore Avenue in the Town of Tonawanda, the property includes overhead cranes, a rail line and 35 foot ceiling… Read more »

The Border between Western New York and Southern Ontario

This summer has been a rough one for travel crossing the border between Western New York and Southern Ontario. During 2014, and for many years prior, Speed Global Services has been a leader in commercial shipping solutions, giving us some remarkable expertise in this field. Today, we want to share some information with our blog… Read more »

Getting your Commercial Driver’s License

With all the trucker shortages lately, and more of them to come, people knowing how they can get their commercial driver’s license is incredibly crucial if there is to be any chance at obtaining new truckers to take on the many jobs that are needing to be filled. A commercial driver’s license or CDL is… Read more »

West Coast Labor Issues

Anyone who runs a business knows how important it is to take advantage of economic realities to achieve a better price for their goods or services. Some fierce labor battles that might be waged at major American ports are making the Southern Ontario/Western New York international border a very attractive alternative for getting foreign goods… Read more »

Press Release: Speed Global Services Announces Sales Force Additions

Speed Global Services has announced that they have added three new sales people to their sales ranks in order to better serve customers in Western New York and southern Ontario. Focusing on international business and warehousing, Collette Dagenais, Tony Formato and Brian Cameron bring extensive experience in the logistics business to their new positions with… Read more »

Donation to Trucking Campaign

The American Trucking Association recently announced a commitment to the Trucking Moves America Forward Campaign for nearly 100,000 dollars. The donation has put the Trucking campaign over 70% toward the goal they were aiming for just this year. Of course, the Trucking Moves America Forward campaign was entirely new this year, just made for telling… Read more »

Where Are all the Truck Drivers Going?

A number of reasons have been given over the years as to why we are increasingly losing more and more truck drivers. That includes the cost of driving and gas making it harder for drivers, as well as a number of trucking companies having to reduce the pay they could offer, and even just less… Read more »

Groundwater on the US and Canada Borders

Sometimes it is hard to believe how much Canada and the US share, but being on the border with each other means some supplies and even underground water sources are shared between them. But only in the last decade has this actually been reviewed and observed by geologist trying to access how much groundwater Canada… Read more »

Initiative to Inspire Economic Growth in New York

It took some time but the empire state board of directors recently approved an initiative for nearly 200 Billion dollars for the creation of three projects that are meant to bring in thousands of jobs and produce even more economic growth for New York at large. The funding for the initiative includes one building that… Read more »

Increased Border Tolls

Should the Canadian government raise tolls on drivers heading into the United States in order to reduce crossing traffic and raise funds for useful government programs? That question has been causing a political stir north of the border as the Canadian government debates the recommendation. The public row has been established thanks to calls from… Read more »