The Border between Western New York and Southern Ontario

This summer has been a rough one for travel crossing the border between Western New York and Southern Ontario. During 2014, and for many years prior, Speed Global Services has been a leader in commercial shipping solutions, giving us some remarkable expertise in this field. Today, we want to share some information with our blog readers that may help them save on travel times when crossing the border in this region.

As this article published by The Buffalo News reports, this summer has seen some of the longest border crossing wait times ever, sometimes approaching three hours. Traffic has especially been difficult during the month of August in the few weeks leading up to Labor Day. This has exacerbated a traffic situation that is already typically frustrating during the summer months.

What’s even more confounding is that these incredible delays are occurring during a year that has seen the least amount of border crossing traffic in many years. According to statistics from the Niagara Falls Bridge Commission, overall traffic at the Rainbow, Whirlpool Rapids and Queenston-Lewiston bridges is down seven percent. At the Peace Bridge, car volume is at the lowest point seen in 50 years.

There are numerous factors being cited in the delay issue. Officials from both the Niagara bridges and the Peace Bridge organizations have said that inadequate levels of staffing have been a major culprit. Delays caused by the Canada Border Services Agency’s inability to open enough inspection lanes at the Peace Bridge during peak commute hours is specifically backing up traffic into the West Side of Buffalo.

These are trying times for any business who is trying to conduct operations across the U.S.-Canada border. Let Speed Global Services take all of the anxiety out of the situation for you. Call us today to talk about our regional, national and international trucking and shipping solutions that may help your business get ahead in the marketplace.