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Why You Should Take Advantage of International Shipping

If you own a small business that only sells to customers within the country, you may be shipping products without any help. However, there are many benefits of expanding your business to include international customers, and using a global shipping service like Speed Global Services allows you to easily get started. Let’s face it –… Read more »

What Is the New International Trade Crossing?

The Detroit River International Crossing (DRIC) bridge, a $2.1 billion joint endeavor by the US and Canada is apparently still on schedule, despite the United States pulling out of it’s $250 million project for a US customs plaza. Lisa Raitt, Prime Minister of International Trade made a statement Friday that ensured that financial losses would… Read more »

Exports to US Lifting Canadian Economy

We’ve all seen just how much the Canadian economy has been suffering over the past years alongside America. But recently the American economy has been soaring back up to the place it had been before, while Canada has been left behind quite a bit. Luckily thanks to a recent poll conducted on a number of… Read more »

Positivity fuels economic growth

Pessimism clouds our economic eyes Economic growth is the primary concern of most, if not all, towns, cities and nations. Economic growth leads to jobs, lots of them, not to mention opportunities for stability and profit. However, given the recession and military conflicts, it’s difficult for us to see the economic growth that is happening… Read more »