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The risks of going international with your products: part one

How to be a winner on the global stage   Does a business have to go international to be a success? Not quite, but to become bigger? Then yes, a business has to go international. The world is a large place, with different people and markets. For a business to grow exponentially in today’s shaky… Read more »

Reducing Risk in US Exporting is Accomplished by Building Relationships

Doing business internationally has more to do with relationships than it does with contracts, insurance companies or lawyers It’s Monday morning and you’re rushing to the office. The weekend should’ve been relaxing. You were planning to get out of town, to indulge in the great outdoors, maybe do some fishing. Those plans quickly collapsed, as… Read more »

Are there international opportunities for US goods?

If you are thinking of making the jump from being a domestic business to an international one, there are amazing dividends that can pay out in the long run. You need to consider the risk associated with such a leap, because little things like scheduling become a much larger concern. Time lines need to be… Read more »

Importance of International Markets and Supply Chain Managers

Supply chain management is proper implementation of the flow of goods and services, as well as information and resources, that help regulate the overall supply chain. When some aspect of this chain breaks apart, the entire cycle is disrupted. Often times in a domestic market these problems can be quickly overcome, but when operating at… Read more »