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Where Are all the Truck Drivers Going?

A number of reasons have been given over the years as to why we are increasingly losing more and more truck drivers. That includes the cost of driving and gas making it harder for drivers, as well as a number of trucking companies having to reduce the pay they could offer, and even just less… Read more »

Beyond the Border Plans and Travelers

In February three years ago, President Obama and Prime Minister Harper of Canada announced a plan known as the Beyond the Border Action Plan. It was an act meant to help both countries work together to maintain and protect their borders as well as eliminate threats and illegal border crossing and make it easier to… Read more »

Imaginary Borders

If you ask any number of people in the United States about how they feel with border control, you’d find some think the border isn’t enforced, others think it is too enforced, and more who think the border is just an imaginary line that doesn’t matter. But the reality, like so often, is a mix… Read more »

How is the Legalization of Weed Affecting the Border?

As we’ve discussed in previous blog posts, the border separating the US from Canada is an exciting, almost-frantic place. Given its stature, there’s always something interesting going on. Whether this results in something positive is another issue altogether, but any and all activity at the border is worth keeping an eye on, like the “hazy”… Read more »

Fuel Efficiency in Vehicles

Commercial truck and freight transportation is so important for getting goods from a manufacturer to a variety of customers, or to get goods in the middle of production from one factory to another. Unfortunately, all of this transportation uses up a lot of fossil fuel, which creates a scarcity of natural resources and introduces a… Read more »

2014 Safety on the Road

2013 is coming to a close, another year under our belts. 2014 is around the corner. Let’s work together to make 2014 one of the safest in recent memory, because every day we hear horrifying tales of car accidents from all over the country. Western New York is no different, with reports of accidents at… Read more »

eManifest Implementation Update, Courtesy of the Canada Border Services Agency

With the success of eManifest, the imitative that has transformed all areas of commercial cross-border processes including air, marine, highway and rail, the plan heading into fall 2013 was to have eManifest be a requirement for all carriers to ensure proficient processing at Canadian borders, but the Canada Border Services Agency announced on October 212013… Read more »