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Federal Maritime Commission Approves Shipping Alliance

Federal Maritime Commission Approves Shipping Alliance

              Following a tumultuous year marked by lagging shipping volumes, industry consolidation and the bankruptcy declaration of Hanjin Shipping, U.S. federal regulators have approved an alliance between four of the world’s largest container carriers. The four carriers in question are CMA CGM of France, China’s Cosco Group, the Orient… Read more »

Uber Begins Testing New Freight Carrying Service

Uber Begins Testing New Freight Carrying Service

              Since the company was founded in 2009, Uber has brought its ridesharing service to more than 500 cities around the globe. Its drivers have brought affordable public transit to new markets, and forced taxi companies to re-think antiquated business models in the face of rapid innovation. Now, after… Read more »

University of Washington Unveils Urban Freight Lab

University of Washington Unveils Urban Freight Lab

              The shipping and logistics industry is changing. Cloud computing is making it easier for companies at different levels of the supply chain to communicate and collaborate with one another. Self-driving vehicle technologies are poised to make shipping faster and more cost effective than ever. Amazon is getting closer… Read more »

Amazon Develops Plan to Compete with UPS and FedEx

Amazon may have revolutionized the world of e-commerce, but until very recently the tech giant has left its shipping and logistics needs up to industry veterans like FedEx and UPS. Sure, they’ve been teasing their drone delivery service Amazon Prime Air for years now, but this service is still very much in the R&D phase… Read more »

Drones Emerge as Valuable Tools in Supply Chain Logistics

In December, 2013 Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos unveiled plans for a new service called Amazon Prime Air that would use drones to deliver packages to customers’ homes within 30 minutes of placing an order. Because drones aren’t bound by postcodes, they have the potential to make delivery services faster and more efficient than ever. Prime… Read more »

More Supply Chain Managers are Embracing Robotics

Workforce automation is a hot topic of discussion in many industries these days, and supply chain management and logistics is no exception. More than any other emerging technology, supply chain managers are turning to robotics to increase the efficiency of their operations and ensure that shipments stay on schedule. According to a recent annual survey… Read more »

Electronic Data Exchange Rules Expected in 2018

The International Maritime Organization passed new rules that will require the electronic exchange of information on cargo, crew and passengers. According to a report from Hellenic Shipping News, public authorities must establish systems to exchange information electronically over the next few years. There will be a 12-month transitional period from the date of introduction –… Read more »

SOLAS Container Weight Requirements – Effective July 1, 2016

The international treaty known as the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) affects all shipment by water effective July 1, 2016. SOLAS requires the filing of a Verified Gross Mass or weight (VGM) as a condition of loading your cargo on board the vessel. No VGM on file – no movement of your cargo! SOLAS-VGM requires… Read more »

Benefits of a Bonded Warehouse

Companies that regularly export products abroad rely on bonded warehousing facilities to store their goods in foreign countries until duty taxes have been paid and shipping logistics have been sorted out. These facilities provide businesses with a safe, secure place for businesses to store their goods while they take care of all the legal and… Read more »

How the Big Game Can Teach Us About Supply Chain Resiliency

The Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos are just like us here at Speed Global Services. How so? We want to outperform the competition and win. To achieve that, we all need a basic foundation with sustainable processes, abundant resources and exceptional employees. From that foundation it is easier to analyze data, develop strategic plans and… Read more »