Category: The Global Economy

What Is CTPAT?

Speed Global Services is CTPAT certified, which, in short, means that we are endorsed by Supply Chain International Security in our efforts to comply with US Customs Trade Partnerships Against Terrorism. As a CTPAT certified company, we, and in turn any companies we work with, experience some benefits while crossing the border. To start, the… Read more »

Strong North American Economies

A growing economy means that there is even more room in the market to sell your goods or services. We’ve had a close vantage point for viewing the ups and downs of American, Canadian and global economies in recent years here at Speed Global Services. Over the past few months, there has been moderate growth… Read more »

A Hot Cup of…Expansion, Courtesy of Tim Hortons

Everyone knows just how important a large cup of piping hot coffee is for a long road trip. A jolt of caffeine can make all the difference in the world during those late driving hours on the road. Here at Speed Global Services, we know that many of our truck operators fill their thermos up… Read more »

U.S.-Canada Economy: Cross-border Delivery Services

Cross-border delivery services are an important part of the American and Canadian economies. The relationship between the two nations is familial in nature. Canadians and Americans have a long history of being mistaken for each other while abroad, heckling each other over the Stanley Cup, and waving at each other from opposite sides of Niagara… Read more »

Stopping the stimulus, part one

The global economy is like an electrified cobweb The global economy is like an electrified cobweb; all the strands of silk are dependent on one another. It is, if anything, the epitome of codependency. Since the Great Crash of 2008, we all have a better understanding of the relationship between the world’s economies. That is… Read more »

When to be cautiously optimistic, and when not to

To embrace risk, you must embrace an almost-sickening amount of optimism In the ongoing saga of the global economy, FedEx – the world’s second largest package-delivery company – has made some policy changes, suggesting that the economy and in particular, the U.S. economy, isn’t on the road to complete recovery. Although profits for FedEx this… Read more »