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  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Joe Berti November 15, 2014 (716) 876-2235 Speed Global Services Designated by U.S Customs for Inspection Services   Speed Global Services (SGS) has announced that they have been re-designated as a Centralized Examination Station (CES) by the United States Customs and Border Protection for a term of five years.  … Read more »

Using Freight Forwarding Instead of a Shipping Company

Why use freight forwarding instead of a shipping company? There are a few viable reasons for using a freight forwarding service, but premiere among them is convenience for the client.   Transporting goods regionally can be tricky due to province and state restrictions, but transporting goods internationally can be a downright nightmare. Companies that offer… Read more »

Best Truck Stops in America

Being a truck driver is more than a profession; it’s a lifestyle. And that lifestyle has fostered a burgeoning commercial enterprise. Which brings us to truck stops. What used to be a counter with barstools that slung questionable burgers and served bottomless coffees has been transformed into full-blown destinations complete with outpatient health services and… Read more »

Top-down Trucker Consolidation Improves Canadian Economy

Manitoulin Transport has been making some power plays in a second acquisition of another trucking company within the past two months. This acquisition has led to the Transport company being one of the largest in the entirety of North America. Of course, Manitoulin Transport isn’t the only Canadian trucking and transport company that is buying… Read more »

Getting your Commercial Driver’s License

With all the trucker shortages lately, and more of them to come, people knowing how they can get their commercial driver’s license is incredibly crucial if there is to be any chance at obtaining new truckers to take on the many jobs that are needing to be filled. A commercial driver’s license or CDL is… Read more »

Cross-Border Trucking Program

Many legal considerations spring up whenever trying to bring a large amount of freight across an international border. Here on the Speed Global Services blog, we’ve talked before about how increasing border crossing fees can add a great deal to the cost of shipping. We want to keep our readers aware of all goings on… Read more »

Border Crossing Fees Instituted by the U.S. Department of Agriculture

Shipping any product across international borders can easily turn into an expensive situation. Crossing fees that must be paid by commercial trucks are already a hassle, and some recent news reports indicate that the matter may get even worse soon.   This article published by discusses a backlash from an industry group representing Canadian… Read more »

What Do You Really Know About Truckers?

For the most part, Americans have at least some experience with longer road trips, or at least a regular commute. What most Americans don’t have is an inside look at the professional trucking life. Here are a few insights into some surprising facts regarding the trucking profession.   Truckers aren’t just drivers. They’re expected to… Read more »