Changing the Face of the Trucking Industry

In previous blog posts, we’ve discussed issues with the driving shortage in the trucking industry in addition to efforts on the part of many companies to change up the image of truck drivers. Freshen up might be the better word choice, but whatever you choose to call it, one thing remains clear: the trucking industry from coast to coast needs a makeover and that’s not a bad thing.

You know how like in those makeover shows on TV, you tend to see someone on their last legs desperate to improve their life no matter the circumstances? The whole course of the episode revolves around them changing their behaviors or styles and then there’s the giant reveal that comes at the end of the episode and it’s like boom, look at the improvement!

It’s really amazing to see and while we’re not comparing the plight of the trucking industry to that of a person down on their luck on some cable television show, but it would be nice if we build up toward a delightful reveal when it comes to the trucking industry, wouldn’t it?

That suddenly we wake up in the morning and there is no driver shortage and that the image of the truck driver is that of a superhero and whenever he or she walks down the street people salute them and treat them as honorable citizens, not that that isn’t the case now, but you know what we mean.

And we would be totally alright with that, knowing that all of the industry’s problems would vanish overnight, but that’s certainly not realistic so with that said, we know we’re prepared for the long haul in terms of increasing the proficiency of the industry in all avenues, including image, more job opportunities, and more.

Now’s the time to strike in improving all areas and we have to keep in mind that it takes a village to raise the trucking industry. We must all do our part and continue to educate the public on their importance, especially as we enter the dog days of autumn and the tumultuous times of winter. Remember, we’re in this together.