Changing the Peace Bridge Means Big Business for Western New York

At SPEED Global Services, we have always been proud of being a vital part of Western New York. Despite the ups and downs of the region’s past, it’s without question that we are entering a new golden age for Western New York, with many businesses popping up all over the region due to the recent Start-Up NY program and other incentives, like tax-free zones. Much of this we covered in this blog post from April.

So, we have an increasing tax-free zone, which is key in attracting businesses. But this of course is a two-part process – you need the businesses, but you also need the proper infrastructure to efficiently transport these businesses’ goods and services. Thankfully, the region has put in efforts to improve the transportation infrastructure, in places like the Peace Bridge, many of these measures are experimental in nature.

In this Innovation Trail article, Mike Desmond writes, “Traffic across the Peace Bridge into the U.S. should be moving a lot faster in the wake of the experimental system of checking trucks before they start across.” What this involves is a pre-clearance of trucks, which has expired as a pilot project, but is still being used to process freight traffic and other big loads. Think of it as a test run of sorts. What we’re looking at is a technological change, which hopefully will ease the flow of traffic and allow for other technological tweaks to the border, such as more Nexus passes.

This experimental system has been met with positivity, such as with Rep. Brian Higgins, who says, “The good thing is the pre-clearance pilot project yielded results that nobody expected.” The success of these technological changes has caught many off guard in a positive way. What we’re seeing regarding infrastructure is a combination of technology and physical improvements. The truckers are still responsible for emailing the cargo manifest to the bridge before arrival.

In conclusion, you have to go with the times when it comes to infrastructure, but you also have to rely on the integrity and efficiency of truck drivers and at SPEED Global Services, we are in total support of that, as our drivers are some of the best in the industry.