Client Testimonials

What our clients have to say about their experience with Speed Global Services:

“To the Speed Global Team,

I would like to take the time to thank everyone at Speed for helping us with our most recent shipping challenge. The shipment delivering to Turkey, TX “Yes I SAID TURKEY” is listed as a penalty job. Throughout the process of manufacturing the product for this purchase order, It was never once mentioned to me that penalties would be assessed for every day that this material were late. Not only did the staff at Speed ensure Victor that the material would be delivered on time and save Victor from lost revenue, They found a way to help us on a second shipment by consolidating and delivering to over five hundred miles from the first stop. It only to the Speed Global Team about an hour to come up with a resolution for Victor. I will not mention the exact savings that were generated, I can only tell you that it had a considerable positive impact on both of these projects. I can’t thank Speed Global enough for this and and many other logistical challenges that our customers seem to continuously task us with. It does not go unnoticed.

Thank you,”

– Robert Dowdle, Victor Insulators, Inc.

“Our experience with Speed Global Services has been an asset for the growth of our company. We enjoy the working relationship because they focus on three important elements: ACCURACY, EFFICIENCY and CUSTOMER SERVICE. It is their customer service that puts us on the same team with the same goals – so that we can focus on product development and sales…while they do the rest! So glad we were introduced to Speed Global Services.”

– Robina Bernard M.Ed., CBA, Clik-Clik Systems Inc

“Speed Global Services has been a partner with Wild Eye Designs Inc. since 2008. Since partnering with Speed Global Service, or SGS, they continue to accommodate, communicate and hold themselves accountable to the same standards we set out initially. Speed Global Services provides a full range of expertise in freight forwarding and warehouse logistics. SGS has been accommodating to us on many levels, most specifically in streamlining out seasonal fluctuation of work load. During our busy seasons SGS has always been accommodating in ensuring that our standards in shipping are upheld.” Click here to read a letter from Warren Horwitz

– Warren Horwitz, Wild Eye Designs

“I have worked with many logistics company throughout my many years in flooring and import/export business, your people are by the far the best and most caring that I have seen to date. Let them know I appreciate their work, thanks.”

– Scott Bapst, Grand River Hardwoods

“It is my pleasure to let you know how pleased Holistic Blend is with Speed Global. Since we started using your services, we have been thrilled with your customer service, organizational qualities and quick delivery.

We highly recommend your services and look forward to a long and mutually amicable relationship in the future”

– Sam Weeks, Holistic Blend

“…thank you for staying on top of these deliveries…and the help with the 4 carton courier delivery speed did for M&T Bank late last night and after hours….Wegmans & M&T rely on us to take care of their needs when the need arises…this good serivce goes a long way to give them the confidence that we will be there if need arises because of a business situation they encounter…Your help here and with the First Niagara BITB deliveries helps both of us to be invaluable partners for these important WNY clients…
Thanks for a job well done…”

– Jospeph Miner, WorkflowOne

“This driver did an outstanding job! Called every step of the way, was extremely nice and professional.”

– Midnight Operations, Active On-Demand

“Thank you very much for your confirmation call Debbie. I LOVE your web based inventory/release online system…Very efficient!”

– Kathy Vindeed, First Continental International (N.J.) Inc.

“Thanks and you are Great to work with, you make it much easier than I ever thought it could be. You are the Girl!!!! :)”

– Edie Christ, Gauss Sales