Cross-Border Trucking Program

Many legal considerations spring up whenever trying to bring a large amount of freight across an international border. Here on the Speed Global Services blog, we’ve talked before about how increasing border crossing fees can add a great deal to the cost of shipping. We want to keep our readers aware of all goings on in the international trucking industry, which is why they may want to pay attention to a case that some want argued in front of the U.S. Supreme Court.

As this article published by Transport Topics Online reports, the Supreme Court has just declined to hear arguments in a case over the constitutionality of a cross-border pilot program involving trucking certifications. Currently, the program is allowing Mexican trucks to operate commercially in the United States, but some are concerned that Mexican drivers don’t have to pass the same medical certification requirements as American truckers.

It’s important to stay safe on the road when operating a huge truck carrying large amounts of cargo. Often, a medical screen can identify a commercial trucking applicant with a troubling health condition that could present itself during the course of driving a vehicle. Through treatment, a driver may still be able to work, but not identifying those health risks can pose a problem later.

The legal complaint was brought forward by the Owner-Operated Independent Drivers Association (OOIDA). The industry group is petitioning the United States government to ensure that Mexican drivers operating within the borders of the United States are subject to the same licensing and drug testing requirements, which are applied to American drivers.

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