Cross Border Ecommerce (U.S. - Canada)

Bridge the Gap between U.S & Canada with SPEED Global Services

  • Direct, Next Day Service—Canadian Points M,L,N Postal Codes
  • In-house U.S. Customs Broker
  • Daily Consolidation Services to/from the U.S. & Canada
  • Company Owned Facilities and Equipment (Trucks, Trailers, Warehouse)
  • Specializing in Retail Distribution
  • Van, Flatbed, Straight Truck, and Temperature Controlled Services
  • SPEED Distribution Center is Designated as a CFS, CES, Bonded, and FTZ Facility
  • North & Southbound Consolidation
  • Returns Handling
  • “Pick and Pack” order Fulfillment
At SPEED Global Services, we bridge the gap for shipping between the United States and Canada. A fully bonded carrier in both nations, we offer northbound consolidation on parcels and shipments and return handling for all cross-border customers with our intermodal transportation services. Same-day U.S. domestic freight forwarding and pick and pack order fulfillments are just a phone call away!We service all M and L Canadian postal codes as well as 140-147 New York and 163-165 Pennsylvania points. Our complete warehousing services and reverse logistics help ensure your shipments arrive safe and on time on either side of the Niagara River. With computerized, real-time shipment tracking, we offer our in-house custom brokerage services with van, flatbed, straight truck, and temperature controlled transportation.

Our SPEED Distribution Center is designated as a CFS, CES, Bonded, and Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) facility. For more information on our intermodal transportation services, call or email SPEED Global Services today!