What Is CTPAT?

Speed Global Services is CTPAT certified, which, in short, means that we are endorsed by Supply Chain International Security in our efforts to comply with US Customs Trade Partnerships Against Terrorism.

As a CTPAT certified company, we, and in turn any companies we work with, experience some benefits while crossing the border. To start, the CBP gives our shipments a reduced risk value whenever we cross the border, significantly lowering costs and the amount of time it takes to go through customs. Even if a shipment is selected for inspection, the process is far shorter than with non-CTPAT certified cargoes.

We also receive front-of-line privileges at the border. This allows us to save potentially hours of costly time waiting in lines as we cross over into Canada or back into the United States. CTPAT certified companies are the only trucks allowed in the Free And Secure Trade (FAST) lanes.

In the rare event of a national emergency or terrorist act, CTPAT certified companies receive priority to re-cross the border. This promotes business continuity, perhaps the biggest reason a company becomes CTPAT certified.

Finally, if a company is selected for a Stratified Compliance Examination, generally the entire container is required to be held up for inspection. However, CTPAT certified companies are allowed to leave a single line item behind, allowing the rest of the shipment to continue on schedule.

For more about CTPAT certification and to hear about our services or prior satisfied clients, contact Speed Global Services today.

Source: http://c-tpat.com/what-is-ctpat/