Donation to Trucking Campaign

The American Trucking Association recently announced a commitment to the Trucking Moves America Forward Campaign for nearly 100,000 dollars. The donation has put the Trucking campaign over 70% toward the goal they were aiming for just this year. Of course, the Trucking Moves America Forward campaign was entirely new this year, just made for telling the positive stories of trucking and how it is essential to the American economy and the community at large.

The campaign was launched during the Mid-American Trucking Show and was designed as an image-maker and education system to the public about the benefits of the trucking industry. Something that is severely lacking, as generally only those in the industry truly pay attention to the kind of power that the trucking world has currently, just from the flow of goods and trade that most truckers handle.

The association mentioned just how much the campaign was being backed by everyone in the trucking industry including vendors and suppliers because it is exactly the kind of thing that the industry needs, for people to realize how important trucking is, so that it doesn’t end up dying out because of things like people in the newest and younger generations not joining as new truckers, or people blaming truckers for problems like gas prices.

Hopefully the association is right, and that the campaign will lead to more people being aware of just what trucking can do for America. Time will only tell as the end of the year approaches and the campaign will be moving into action rather than just seeking the funds to do the things they want to.