eManifest Implementation Update, Courtesy of the Canada Border Services Agency

With the success of eManifest, the imitative that has transformed all areas of commercial cross-border processes including air, marine, highway and rail, the plan heading into fall 2013 was to have eManifest be a requirement for all carriers to ensure proficient processing at Canadian borders, but the Canada Border Services Agency announced on October 212013 “that eManifest requirements for highway and rail carriers will not be in mandatory in fall 2013, due to timelines associated with regulatory processes.”

While the CBSA will remain vigilant in providing clients at least a 45 days advance notice of an eManifest mandatory compliance date, as when fully implemented eManifest helps make certain there is smooth border transport, the CBSA encourages those carriers that have not yet adopted eManifest to take advantage of any additional time to become familiar with the system.

For any questions regarding eManifest requirements and implementation, look here.

Source for the news release: http://www.cbsa-asfc.gc.ca/media/release-communique/2013/2013-10-21-eng.html

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