Fuel Efficiency in Vehicles

ultra fuel-efficient heavy-duty trucksCommercial truck and freight transportation is so important for getting goods from a manufacturer to a variety of customers, or to get goods in the middle of production from one factory to another. Unfortunately, all of this transportation uses up a lot of fossil fuel, which creates a scarcity of natural resources and introduces a lot of pollution into our environment.

In recent years, the political landscape has made it difficult to pass any regulations regarding fossil fuel efficiency in vehicles. The automobile lobby works hard to promote the message that these decisions could affect vehicle safety or greatly increase the manufacturing price per unit.

However, fuel efficiency looks like it will be an early battleground in President Barack Obama’s decision to address certain national issues without Congress’s approval. President Obama’s remarks during his most recent State of the Union address indicated that he would take certain actions with or without Congressional action.

Recently, the President announced that he’s directed both the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Transportation to create guidelines for ultra fuel-efficient heavy-duty trucks by March 2015. According to this article published by The New York Times, this is part of President Obama’s agenda goal of cutting carbon pollution levels by a reduction of 17 percent from recorded levels in 2005. The article reports that President Obama’s ability to rule unilaterally on this issue comes from the 1970 Clean Air Act, which requires regulation of pollutants; carbon has been recognized as an environmental pollutant by the EPA since 2009.

There’s no doubt that such a massive overhaul may create a bumpy financial road ahead for freight transportation companies like ours. No matter what may come in the days ahead for vehicle fuel efficiency, you can be sure that Speed Global Services will still be around to handle all of your business needs.

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