Getting your Commercial Driver’s License

With all the trucker shortages lately, and more of them to come, people knowing how they can get their commercial driver’s license is incredibly crucial if there is to be any chance at obtaining new truckers to take on the many jobs that are needing to be filled.

A commercial driver’s license or CDL is the biggest hurdle that prevents more people from becoming truckers and it’s all because the states have different ways of handling the learning for the test for your CDL. Although there is federal standards for the CDL test, that doesn’t mean that everyone provides information or practice testing for the CDL. Many states will allow third party sources to handle teaching people what they need to know for their CDL, while other states will have their DMV handle it personally. Even more don’t have a program in place or condone third party programs to be used when studying for the tests, they just hand people a handbook and hope you learn everything out of it.

Overall, the process is rather frustrating for the average person and that’s not even counting how difficult it can be to memorize the incredible amount of information that is required when you are getting a license far beyond the one you would use to drive your car every day.

So the best place to start for any of your information is going to be the DMV. They offer a handbook to anyone regardless of what state you are in, and the DMV website even offers some information based on state to help you choose a preparatory program that could best help you. There isn’t very many options though, and by doing searches on the internet you can turn up hundreds of results for truck driver training, but it can be an expensive endeavor, sometimes with a labor contract for the training, and other times just thousands of dollars in tuition.

But these truck-driving schools also happen to be one of the best ways of obtaining your license, because they want and need you to become a truck driver so they will do everything they can to help you, even getting you behind the wheel experience.

The process is going to depend on your state, but as much work as it might be; it also is rather perfect job security since we will be hurting for new truck drivers for quite some time.