Giving Truck Drivers a Makeover

Everything has an image. Basically, what goes through your head when the someone says the word. The trucking industry, some believe, is in sore need of an image makeover. This is in large point because the trucking driver is experiencing a shortage of drivers, which we have discussed almost ad nauseam, on this blog. That shortage is expected to worsen over the next few years and trucking companies nationwide are doing everything in their power to attract new and young drivers.

Statistics from The American Trucking Association show that close to 40,000 more truck drivers are currently needed! The thinking is that if people see a different side to the trucking industry than it might just spark their interest in pursuing a career in it. One state trying to make a difference in this industry is Wisconsin, as discussed in this article.

Latoya Dennis writes, “When you think about truck drivers, what image comes to mind? Maybe someone who’s out of shape, chain smokes and every other word is an expletive. Greg Persinger says that stereotype still rings true sometimes. ‘I guess you could us cowboys,” he says. “We’re out here, we’re sleeping in the trucks just like the old cowboys did. They used the ground. […] But as far as you know the way you know the drivers behave or how they look, there’s no way to change that.’”

Okay. That makes some sense. Most of the images portrayed in the media regarding truck drivers are of, how shall we put it, the grizzled variety? Yeah, we’ll go with that. You get a sense of someone on their own driving in the middle of the night, doing everything in their power to stay awake and that might include chain smoking or drinking too much coffee. There’s an element in that image that doesn’t resonate with anything healthy and that’s why the American Trucking Association is trying to change that image with its America’s Real Superheroes Don’t Wear Capes campaign, which is, as you may have guessed, a campaign dedicated to show truck drivers in a different light. At SPEED Global, that is something we can get behind.