Groundwater on the US and Canada Borders

Sometimes it is hard to believe how much Canada and the US share, but being on the border with each other means some supplies and even underground water sources are shared between them. But only in the last decade has this actually been reviewed and observed by geologist trying to access how much groundwater Canada has.

The assessment was done because the majority of groundwater happens to be a source of water that is not always easily replenishable. Some of these sources of groundwater occurred back during the last ice age, or even longer ago, and was trapped under there. One in particular has water trickling through from a river, but it is so slow that most of the water you could well up would be millions of years old.

Of course many of these groundwater reserves are quite large, one taking up the mid-southern area of Canada and spreading into North Dakota, and South Dakota. So if we are talking about water reserves as big as multiple states, then it doesn’t seem like there should be any worry. However there is some proof to these water reserves running out, in California. As California is a massive agriculture producer, many areas of ground water have been completely depleted from excessive use.

This is why the project to map Canada’s underground water through 3D mapping, has been a large task for the past few years, as over 10 Million Canadians rely on underground water sources for their fresh water. With that many people going through it, as well as companies tapping into it, it may run out before it could ever be replenished properly.

This 3D map will provide one of the first most detailed maps of an underground water source, and it also happens to be shared by both the US and Canada. This means the map will supply the US and Canada with information to determine how they can best share this underground water source, unlike what is currently happening with groundwater caught between Mexico and Texas. It seems the Canada and US relationship could end up even better, hopefully.