A Hot Cup of…Expansion, Courtesy of Tim Hortons

Everyone knows just how important a large cup of piping hot coffee is for a long road trip. A jolt of caffeine can make all the difference in the world during those late driving hours on the road. Here at Speed Global Services, we know that many of our truck operators fill their thermos up with a fine roasted brew before they get behind the wheel for a long haul.

That’s why we’re loving the news we’re hearing about one of our favorite fast food coffee joints. Tim Hortons, a chain of coffee and bakery stores dotting the northeastern U.S. and found all over Canada, recently announced a major expansion that will likely be changing the face of the company over the next several years.

As this article published by GlobalNews.ca reports, about 800 new Tim Hortons restaurants will be opening in upcoming years, including 500 new locations in Canada and 300 in the United States. This will greatly increase the current number of operating Tim Hortons locations, of which there are 3,500 in Canada and another 850 in the United States.

The company is also looking into adding another 220 locations in the Persian Gulf region of the Middle East, where the 38 Tim Hortons locations currently open in that region have been enjoying some success. New American markets for the Canadian coffee house include St. Louis, MO; Youngstown, OH; and Fort Wayne, IN.

Healthy options are going to be another growing trademark of this company. Known for its bagels loaded with butter and cream cheese, as well as freshly baked donuts, Tim Hortons officials have acknowledged the company’s desire to rebrand itself as a more nutritional food destination. The company also plans to implement some intriguing technological developments to improve the customer experience at its locations.

Whether you’ve been sipping this coffee for years, or you’re just about to learn about it in the Midwest, you’ll see just how important these 24-hour drive-thru coffee stops are for anyone on an interstate drive, especially freight transport services who drive non-stop for long hours. Here at Speed Global Services, we hope you share our excitement about the ever-improving nature of life on the open road.

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