How the Big Game Can Teach Us About Supply Chain Resiliency

The Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos are just like us here at Speed Global Services. How so? We want to outperform the competition and win. To achieve that, we all need a basic foundation with sustainable processes, abundant resources and exceptional employees. From that foundation it is easier to analyze data, develop strategic plans and measure our failures and successes.

Similar to supply chain logistics, NFL games have many rules and regulations teams must follow, all while facing stiff competition. In both football and logistics, the objective is clear. Take the ball from one end of the field to the other, and deliver freight from point A to point B. When football teams and logistics companies try to achieve their goal, initial plans are often disrupted and new plans have to be adopted and implemented immediately. Interceptions, fumbles and defensive stops all relate to truck break downs, technology failure and inclement weather. It’s the ability of football teams and logistics companies to respond to adversity that ultimately determines a winner. Speed Global Services helps customers around the world or around the corner get their freight when they expect it. Does every shipment go according to plan? Not always. The same goes for each possession an NFL team has during the game.

So as you enjoy the Buffalo wings, commercials and the big game, pay attention to how the Panthers and Broncos deal with unanticipated circumstances. It may set off an idea that could help your company become more resilient.