Importance of International Markets and Supply Chain Managers

Supply chain management is proper implementation of the flow of goods and services, as well as information and resources, that help regulate the overall supply chain. When some aspect of this chain breaks apart, the entire cycle is disrupted. Often times in a domestic market these problems can be quickly overcome, but when operating at an international level the problems increase exponentially.

Time zone differences, cultural differences, and ever-changing economies and markets make international operations more demanding than domestic ones.

For example, if a customer in the United States is anticipating the arrival of your new product, but the supply chain has a delay resulting from a packaging problem China, then that customer might take their business elsewhere.

The financial success of any market is directly dependent on the strength of the supply chain and how it is managed. When operating internationally, various economies should be taken into consideration. Our video better explains the dynamic and importance of implementing a supply chain correctly.

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