The Importance of a Strong Regional Economy

A regional economy in today’s world requires an infusion of jobs from many firms. The major manufacturing mills that built Rust Belt cities like Buffalo have left, but there is plenty of hope for a return to profitable days in Western New York. Every day, newspapers have been printing optimistic reports of jobs from other regions coming to our neck of the woods.

Take, for instance, the influx of supercomputing jobs coming to the region reported in this article from The Buffalo News. Buffalo and Manhattan will be the recipients of up to 600 jobs coming from two far-flung businesses that are being attracted to the area thanks to initiatives funded by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s “Buffalo Billions” economic development plan.

These companies are involved in some interesting growth fields in medical technology, especially genomic medicine. Lineagen, a company headquartered in Salt Lake City, is involved with clinical testing of young children who have exhibited signs of autism and other developmental disabilities. AESKU Diagnostics, headquartered in Germany but with American offices in Oakland, develops tests and treatment equipment for autoimmune diseases like celiac disease and rheumatoid arthritis.

600 jobs doesn’t sound like a huge win for the local economy. But these jobs are the kinds that create lasting value in a community. These businesses are tapping into the complex medical campus we have in our city, and the medical technologies they’re developing are part of a field that is growing worldwide. More firms like these will ensure that Buffalo once again creates useful products that are needed all over the world.

Job growth such as this ensures the economic health of an entire region. As businesses both north and south of the US/Canadian border continue to grow, Speed Global Services will make sure that your company’s freight reaches your clients safely and quickly.

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