IMPORTANT NOTICE: International Shipping Customers

In response to the growing threat of a work stoppage on the East Coast, the steamship lines have filed a port congestion surcharge for all cargo moving to and from the USA.  We have received notice of implementation from the carriers and have subsequently filed the surcharge in our tariff.  We are hearing that many shippers have begun shifting portions of their East Coast volume to West Coast routings.  We are also hearing that carriers are now managing allocations very closely to established volume commitments, as space is becoming tight to the West Coast. The combination of these two factors is increasing the possibility of the Port Congestion Surcharge becoming a reality.  Unfortunately, we will not know the final levels or if it will become effective until a strike is announced or the situation is resolved.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Effective September 28, 2012
W/M – $30
20′   – $800
40′   – $1000
HC  – $1125
45′  – $1226