Improving Traffic Along the U.S. Canada Border

The official nominee to head the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol Agency looks like he’ll likely be awarded confirmation, and that should be great news to business along any American border. Although discussions regarding U.S. borders over the past decade have tended to focus on security, officials are starting to recognize that some openness is necessary.

The prospective head of the border patrol agency looks as though he’ll be willing to focus much more on business demands in response to difficulties they’ve faced in border crossings over recent years, according to this article from Toronto’s The Globe and Mail. Gil Kerlikowske, the man up for the nomination, acknowledged that businesses on both sides of the border were asking for better access to either side, and he’s been listening.

17122694_SBorder traffic has caused headaches for commercial drivers and many types of businesses in recent years. On the Peace Bridge that connects Buffalo, New York with Fort Erie, Ontario, peak wait times for commercial and private vehicles can reach 30 minutes. That doesn’t just discourage businesses from working across the border; it also proves to be an obstacle for those who want to shop across the border because of exchange rates.

Although some security questions were asked of Kerlikowske at his most recent hearing, these mostly focused on the America-Mexico border. According to the Toronto writer covering the event, he received a lot of bipartisan praise, making his confirmation seem all but certain. Kerlikowske’s top written priorities going into the hearing all dealt with commerce, which sounds like he’s interested in balancing the security demands of America with a more business-friendly conscience.

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