Increased Border Tolls

Should the Canadian government raise tolls on drivers heading into the United States in order to reduce crossing traffic and raise funds for useful government programs? That question has been causing a political stir north of the border as the Canadian government debates the recommendation.

The public row has been established thanks to calls from a renowned Canadian economist who sees the extra toll as a way to rein in pollution and provide funding for the Canadian Border Services Agency. As this article published by CTV Vancouver reports, Keith Head, an economist teaching at the University of British Columbia’s Sauder School of Business, suggested that Canada impose the tax on border crossers.

Although the toll is an increase in the fee that it costs Canadian drivers to cross into America, or for U.S. drivers to return home, Head argued that the fees could help recoup tax dollars lost by drivers traveling to America to fill their gas tanks with cheaper fuel.

There’s also an environmentally friendly aspect to this plan. At peak crossing times, cars and trucks may idle for hours while waiting to enter Canada or the U.S. The excessive levels of carbon dioxide created by these idling vehicles can negatively affect the public health in an area. Part of the plan would establish higher crossing fees when wait times are longer, which could encourage some to choose more cost-effective times to travel, cutting down on vehicle congestion.

Plenty of interested individuals have railed against this recommendation, and Head has even reported receiving hate mail related to this idea. Politicians in some border communities in either country have also spoken out against the proposal, especially Buffalo and other cities and communities that see themselves as retail centers for Canadian tourists.

There’s always a lot of politics wrapped up in the issue of border crossing, even between two countries that seem as friendly as the United States and Canada. Speed Global Services is here to help you make sure you understand the red tape and your responsibilities. When you need your freight handled with care into Western New York or Southern Ontario, we are the professional partner of choice for the region.