How is the Legalization of Weed Affecting the Border?

As we’ve discussed in previous blog posts, the border separating the US from Canada is an exciting, almost-frantic place. Given its stature, there’s always something interesting going on. Whether this results in something positive is another issue altogether, but any and all activity at the border is worth keeping an eye on, like the “hazy” activity occurring on the border between Washington State and British Columbia.

You’re probably well aware of the legal weed retail shops that’re now open in Seattle and Washington State as a whole. This, as to be expected, is an industry that is raking in the bucks. While it does have its fair share of detractors, money and cannabis-enthusiasts nonetheless continue rolling into The Evergreen State, which is causing the U.S. Customs and Border Protection to worry a bit. With such a huge influx of people coming and going, there runs the risk of “foreign travelers crossing the border with marijuana in tow, in direct violation of federal laws,” as mentioned in this article by

This is an interesting reversal. A mere decade ago, US officials were concerned about marijuana coming into the country from Canada. The times have certainly changed; marijuana production has increased on the American side of the border whereas Canadian production has taken a dip. Now, Canadians are coming into the country to smoke legally and Washington State is reaping the benefits. Just look at their economy!

While this situation is occurring on the opposite side of the country, this is something we need to keep an eye on our own US/Canada border. Who knows – maybe New York State will one day have its own legal marijuana retail shops. What do you think?