Local Business Increases From Border Interaction

It’s not often these days that you hear anything pleasant about people frequently crossing a border. In fact, the most common stories coming from crossing the Canadian/US border are usually something about the US border patrol detaining people for no reason or humiliating people just because they can. It’s an awful thought, but it happens regularly because the US people continually keep asking for stricter borders but then complain when the strict borders mess up their plans.

But there happens to be a clear advantage to Ogdensburg, New York when it comes to bringing in mass amounts of money and tourism from Canada. Recently Ogdensburg, a city of hardly 10,000 people, has had increased traffic in a major degree from Canadian people using their airport instead of any other Canadian airport, because it happens to be the closest to them. This is because Ogdensburg is one of those cities that are right on the Canadian/US Border, which can make it quicker to just cross the border for many Canadian towns on the other side of the border than spend hours going further into Canada to get to a Canadian airport.

The whole situation actually brings to light how much money the US can and does make from tourism or convenience. People are all about doing the simplest and easiest thing that takes the least energy for them, and it is exactly something like this that Ogdensburg is taking advantage of, because there is a market for it. It may also lead other border cities in the US to look into airports just to bring in some further profit, especially if it does work well for Ogdensburg.

The other thing this might push though is more open borders between America and Canada. The two have never been incredibly vicious between each other, and many Canadians are quite familiar with American culture. This could result in more interaction with bilingual French and English intermingling and ‘muddy borders’ much like what we see with English and Spanish around the Mexico and American borders currently.

Could this make Canadian culture penetrate into the United States as well? Or better yet, will it be easier to cross the borders even for shipping companies? It’s unlikely but money often fuels the world, so if there is enough profit we might still see it. Just like how Mexicans coming across the border helped areas of the economy and allowed farmers to take advantage of cheap labor, we might see a similar thing in the north.