The One Billion Fright Economy across Borders

In the past three years we have seen the Halloween holiday blast into the viral levels in Canada and that actually ended up boosting the economy in Canada. It also ended up beating out the United States in gross funds that are spent on Halloween. Canada has passed the one billion mark when it comes to funds spent on various things for Halloween. This includes a number of people who made their homes into haunted houses, and all the people spending money on candy for kids.

The only Holiday in Canada that uses more funds now is Christmas, and that’s only marginally higher because people give presents on Christmas rather than candy. Still the costumes and décor all across Canada has exploded, and no one is really quite sure how it happened in Canada. For most people it seems that many people just slowly got a few pumpkins, and then some more décor, and eventually the entire neighborhood would be competing for who could make the scariest home.

Part of it also seems to be that Trick-or-Treating is ingrained into the Canadians as well as Americans, and since many adults believe they are too old to go trick-or-treating now, they instead buy all the candy and décor to try and scare their friends and random people, just to have some fun.

Whatever the reason may be, it certainly seems that the fright economy is boosting the normal economy, and maybe we will see an even bigger boost to the economy with Christmas rolling around. Already people have started to buy presents and Christmas decorations, and even Canadian stores are loading with Christmas supplies.

But until then, it looks like the fright life lives on in Canada.