Ottawa Shooting and the US Canada Border

If the US and Canadian borders were not already quite strict when you are trying to pass through them, even when a citizen of both of the countries, then they are certainly going to be after the great Ottawa shooting that happened recently. This is further proved by the Federal Bureau of Investigation in the United States actually requesting to all their American border patrol officers to be careful and on high alert for possible terrorists passing through.

Of course, to Americans we often don’t think of other Americans as the culprits or terrorists of something. But with the shootings that have been occurring in Canada being not that far from the US border it has been one of the major directions both Canadian and American officials have been going. An American had likely caused the shootings and that means stricter control on the borders between the two countries.

Strangely enough, the stricter borders are caused by the two countries having such good relationships with each other. America doesn’t want to be the cause of letting terrorists from their country into Canada, or it could strain that relationship further. Unfortunately, that could also put a bit of a chokehold on a lot of trucks and traffic moving through, especially exporting and importing traffic.

With over 300,000 people crossing the US Canada border though, it certainly seems like trying to find a terrorist in a haystack. But hopefully between the US and Canada guards we find the people who have been causing trouble before any more problems occur in either country.