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PBA Announces Local Business, Construction, Trade, and Tourism
Industry Support for Proposed Peace Bridge Plaza Renovations

BUFFALO, NY/FORT ERIE, ON – Today the Buffalo and Fort Erie Public Bridge Authority
(Peace Bridge Authority) announced further support from local Western New York
business, trade, and tourism industry leaders regarding efforts to advance long-awaited
improvements at the Peace Bridge corridor, including roughly $40 million in related
renovations and current plaza enhancements.

Buffalo and Fort Erie Public Bridge Authority Chairman Sam Hoyt

“With real, tangible construction work on the horizon at the Peace Bridge, community
support continues to grow for these critically important improvements. The sheer
impact of Peace Bridge-related trade and tourism on the Buffalo Niagara economy
cannot be overstated, and that is why we must move forward on attainable plaza
renovations that will make this border crossing even more reliable and efficient.”

Buffalo Niagara Partnership President and CEO Andrew Rudnick

“Trade and tourism across the Peace Bridge has an enormous impact on Buffalo
Niagara’s regional economy. Our bi-national relationship is among our most unique and
competitive assets for economic development, and for a long time a U.S. plaza that has
insufficient capacity to meet the demands of Peace Bridge traffic has been an
impediment to the free follow of goods and people across the CanAm border. So, on
behalf of the Partnership’s 2,500 member employers – many of whom directly depend
on an effective and efficient Peace Bridge and plaza – I welcome these proposed
renovations, and look forward to the next steps in finally moving things forward at this
important crossing.”

Visit Buffalo Niagara Board of Directors Chairman Dennis Murphy

“Visit Buffalo Niagara wholeheartedly supports the advancement of recently announced
on-plaza renovations at the Peace Bridge, including work to upgrade outdated
inspection buildings, widen existing bridge approach and queuing areas, and facilitate
more streamlined circulation of vehicles at the crossing. We understand, renovations
are funded exclusively through already secured toll revenues, and proposed upgrades
do not require the additional plaza “expansion” components that have historically
proven controversial and a major cause of project delay. For these reasons Visit Buffalo
Niagara endorses the advancement of renovations at the Peace Bridge, as well as the
continued growth of bi-national tourism and trade in our region.”

Amherst Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Colleen DiPirro

“The Amherst Chamber of Commerce strongly supports the US plaza renovation
projects announced by the Buffalo & Fort Erie Public Bridge Authority. These
renovations reinforce our position of encouraging faster, more cost effective
transportation of goods and services across the US-Canada border in Western New
York. These renovations have been delayed for far too long. Now is the time for these
critically important improvements to get started.”

World Trade Center Buffalo Niagara President Chris Johnston

“Streamlining the flow of goods, services and travelers across our shared border is
paramount to the economic vitality of our region. And that is what these renovations
do. Needless to say, the movement of commerce across the Peace Bridge is about
more than just trucks, it is about the vast economic impact that such trade has on
banking, accounting, legal, logistics, freight forwarders, customs brokerages, and
supply chain providers throughout our region. This impact is significant and growing,
let’s not stop it.”

Buffalo World Trade Association President Barbara Saieva

“We fully support the vision of a U.S. plaza renovation announced by the Buffalo and
Fort Erie Public Bridge Authority. These renovations will have a transformative impact
on the U.S.-Canadian border, leveraging our diverse manufacturing, agricultural, and
business services base and solidifying our future position as one of the world’s more
important economic regions.”

Canadian/American Border Trade Alliance President and CEO Jim Phillips

“Infrastructure upgrades at busy U.S.-Canada border crossings are critical to the
continued growth of binational trade, tourism, and economic activity. By implementing
much-needed renovations at the Peace Bridge, we can ensure a more efficient and
productive border crossing experience for international travelers, while at the same time
easing the movement of goods between the world’s two largest trading partners.”

Binational Economic and Tourism Alliance Executive Director Arlene White

“The Binational Alliance is pleased to learn that the renovation plans for the Peace
Bridge plaza will finally be moving ahead. These improvements will have immediate
and positive impacts on both Buffalo and Niagara, communities that are heavily
invested in new binational economic development, trade and tourism initiatives, and job
creation. These renovations will better serve our commercial and leisure traffic needs,
as well as the needs of residents and businesses in our cross-border region. We will
continue to work with the Peace Bridge and our other binational partners to undertake
initiatives that strengthen and grow the critical trade relationships between Ontario and
New York State, and Canada and the U.S., in this global economy.”

Associated Builders & Contractors WNY Regional Vice President Doug Sitler

“Renovations at the Peace Bridge will help address many of the ongoing traffic
congestion and facility issues that have plagued the U.S. Customs plaza for too many
years. This impending construction and building rehabilitation work is necessary to help
improve the crossing and its completion cannot happen soon enough.”

Buffalo Building and Construction Trades Council President Paul Brown

“The Trades Council is pleased to see renovation activity at the Peace Bridge finally take
shape and we very much look forward to the beginning of construction work in the not-
too-distant future.”

Walden Galleria General Manager John Ecklund

“The Canadian customer base accounts for a considerable portion of Walden Galleria’s
target audience, rendering the need for safe, reliable and efficient access between
Western New York and Southern Ontario as an importance for our business. Based on
this reality, Walden Galleria believes that advancement of efforts to relieve ongoing
border congestion at the Peace Bridge corridor is paramount to the long-term economic
interests of both Walden Galleria and the Buffalo Niagara region.”

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