What Do You Really Know About Truckers?

For the most part, Americans have at least some experience with longer road trips, or at least a regular commute. What most Americans don’t have is an inside look at the professional trucking life. Here are a few insights into some surprising facts regarding the trucking profession.


Truckers aren’t just drivers. They’re expected to keep strict time logs, account for weight versus fuel costs, and adjust their loads according to state boundaries. At any point, there are a slew of options available and truckers are expected to consider mechanical and legal calculations to make the most efficient and cost-effective decision.


Professional drivers can’t just careen down the interstate to get where they’re going. Most companies require that trucks maintain a speed between 62 and 68 miles an hour to optimize fuel efficiency and stay safe.


Truck drivers work more unpaid hours than any other profession. Most truckers are paid a per-mile rate; so time spent loading and unloading, as well as sitting in traffic or waiting at docks often go without compensation.


About 35% of truckers that have been living the life for more than 7 years have extended educations. 45% of truckers who have been on the road for less than 5 years also have extended educations or have been trained for other specialties. The Troops to Truckers program has filled 30,000 trucking jobs with veterans in the past five years.


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