Shipping Container Home Comes to Buffalo’s Old First Ward

One of the things we love most about Buffalo is the city’s colorful array of houses. The folks around here aren’t afraid to make their homes stand out in a crowd. With all the eye-catching paint jobs and vibrant gardens to match, you can easily spend an afternoon just cruising around and admiring these unique, charming dwellings.

Soon, there will be a new home in the city’s Old First Ward that’s eccentric even by Buffalo standards. Earlier this year the Buffalo Planning Board approved a proposal for a home that will be made of five repurposed shipping containers. The shipping containers will make up about 80 percent of the home’s first floor and part of the second floor. The rest of the home will be a more conventional stick-frame construction. The home was designed to pay tribute to the rich history of Buffalo’s Old First Ward.

“We know this is an industrial heritage area and we wanted to do a very good job of respecting the neighborhood,” said Michael Anderson, the architect who designed the home in an interview. “This ties in a private residence with the neighborhood’s commercial background.”

Located near Ohio Street, the home will offer its future residents the opportunity to enjoy views of the historic Buffalo River grain mills right from their backyard. Last year, the planning board approved plans for a similar home that’s being built with six shipping containers on Vandalia Street.

These homes are a testament to the spirit of ingenuity and resourcefulness that made this city the place we know and love. Here at Speed Global Services, we’re proud to serve the community that we’ve called home for 70 years and counting. Stay tuned for more updates from Western New York’s premier source for international shipping, freight forwarding and warehousing services.