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White House Dismisses Need for Tougher Border Security

The attacks in Ottawa had pressed a number of people to seek out tougher border control along the Canadian and American border. But one of those people was not the president, or any of his cabinet. Instead, we see the US government firmly decide that the relations and security at the Canadian border are perfectly… Read more »

The Border between Western New York and Southern Ontario

This summer has been a rough one for travel crossing the border between Western New York and Southern Ontario. During 2014, and for many years prior, Speed Global Services has been a leader in commercial shipping solutions, giving us some remarkable expertise in this field. Today, we want to share some information with our blog… Read more »

West Coast Labor Issues

Anyone who runs a business knows how important it is to take advantage of economic realities to achieve a better price for their goods or services. Some fierce labor battles that might be waged at major American ports are making the Southern Ontario/Western New York international border a very attractive alternative for getting foreign goods… Read more »

Imaginary Borders

If you ask any number of people in the United States about how they feel with border control, you’d find some think the border isn’t enforced, others think it is too enforced, and more who think the border is just an imaginary line that doesn’t matter. But the reality, like so often, is a mix… Read more »

Local Business Increases From Border Interaction

It’s not often these days that you hear anything pleasant about people frequently crossing a border. In fact, the most common stories coming from crossing the Canadian/US border are usually something about the US border patrol detaining people for no reason or humiliating people just because they can. It’s an awful thought, but it happens… Read more »