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Benefits of Using Freight Forwarders

Dealing directly with transport carriers is great for in-city or even in-state deliveries. However, when you’re dealing with state-to-state or international trading and transport, or even in-state transport that requires more than just a single method of transportation, choosing a company that offers freight-forwarding services can be a huge advantage. Freight forwarders offer advice, paperwork,… Read more »

What Is the New International Trade Crossing?

The Detroit River International Crossing (DRIC) bridge, a $2.1 billion joint endeavor by the US and Canada is apparently still on schedule, despite the United States pulling out of it’s $250 million project for a US customs plaza. Lisa Raitt, Prime Minister of International Trade made a statement Friday that ensured that financial losses would… Read more »

White House Dismisses Need for Tougher Border Security

The attacks in Ottawa had pressed a number of people to seek out tougher border control along the Canadian and American border. But one of those people was not the president, or any of his cabinet. Instead, we see the US government firmly decide that the relations and security at the Canadian border are perfectly… Read more »

Ottawa Shooting and the US Canada Border

If the US and Canadian borders were not already quite strict when you are trying to pass through them, even when a citizen of both of the countries, then they are certainly going to be after the great Ottawa shooting that happened recently. This is further proved by the Federal Bureau of Investigation in the… Read more »

Increased Border Tolls

Should the Canadian government raise tolls on drivers heading into the United States in order to reduce crossing traffic and raise funds for useful government programs? That question has been causing a political stir north of the border as the Canadian government debates the recommendation. The public row has been established thanks to calls from… Read more »

Imaginary Borders

If you ask any number of people in the United States about how they feel with border control, you’d find some think the border isn’t enforced, others think it is too enforced, and more who think the border is just an imaginary line that doesn’t matter. But the reality, like so often, is a mix… Read more »