The Importance of the Trucking Industry

In the last couple of blog posts, we discussed the strike that was going on north of the border and it’s impact on the economy. What we basically saw was a threat, that is an organization saying, “We will stop our trucks from transporting goods and services.” Fortunately, the strike only lasted a couple of days, but that threat was a reminder, perhaps a much-needed reminder, that trucks are the veins of any nation – that’s where the blood of the economy flows in and out, from place to place. When those trucks stop moving so does a nation’s economy and way of life.

Being located in Buffalo, anything happening with trucks in Ontario is of great concern to us. For many, the strike was eye opening. Not to assume that people didn’t understand the importance of trucks, just that they may have forgotten just how important they actually are.

At SPEED Global, we of course believe in the life-giving properties of the trucking industry. For as long as America’s been around, some means of transporting goods has been necessary to maintain the nation’s strength and wealth, and trucks have been that some means. That’s something we take pride in, but it would be foolish of us if we don’t mention that it has been a rough last few years for the trucking industry nationwide.

We have had to deal with a shortage of drivers. That has been rough and it has not gotten quite the attention that we feel it deserves. Sure, we’ve covered it in this blog and there have been a few articles about it in the national media, but other than that, it’s not something that has made the news channels. It is a woefully under-covered topic and that saddens us. That’s why strikes like the one we saw last week are so hurtful. There aren’t that many truck drivers so when a company goes on strike, it cripples everybody, from the businesses that use those services to the nations and communities that depend on it for economic sustenance.

What we’re getting at is that we need to support the truck drivers and the trucking companies. Without them, goods and services cannot be transported properly. As we all know, economies depend on the efficient transfer of goods and services. When that is removed from the equation, we are presented with instability. That is why the strike ended as quickly as it began. The Ontario government realized that if the strike went on any longer, any momentum regarding economic positivity would be dashed.

At SPEED Global, we support truck drivers and believe they are the lifeblood of any nation; we just have to give them the support that they have earned, the support they deserve.